Khaosod English, Bangkok

University of Washington Foreign Intrigue Scholarship 

June-Aug. 2018

#DontTellMeHowtoDress Thai Women Say 

In one of Bangkok’s largest shopping malls, Thais gathered Monday to challenge society’s fashion sense. Modest clothes hung from exhibit walls with images and quotes from sexual assault survivors in an exhibit named after a recent social media phenomenon.


Reporters Reckon With Ethics of Cave Rescue Coverage​

A story with the trappings of a Hollywood film made headlines worldwide last month when 12 young footballers and their coach were rescued against all odds from a flooded cave in northern Thailand, where the media presence itself became a talking point.

Small Notebooks Make Big Difference in Little Lives

When a group of Thammasat University students began making notebooks for themselves, they found out they could make an impact on the lives of children and start a movement.

Bullying of LGBT Youth Still Pervasive in Thai Schools

As an openly gay man, Kangwan Fongkaew experienced a range of abuse as a child ... So when a government official from the Basic Education Commission claimed there were no cases of abuse against LGBT youth at school, it struck Kangwan as untrue.

King 5 

Digital Media Intern March-June 2018

Elementary school students build a tiny home for the homeless

Preschoolers release ladybugs for Earth Day

Washington Newspaper Publishers Association 

2018 legislative session in Olympia



No Longer Silent: Sexual Assault Survivors Push Legislative Change

Some bills seeking to address sexual assault passed, and others didn't. This feature examines why. 



Washington Lawmakers Clash Over Statute of Limitations for Sex Crimes

HB 1155 seeks to end the statute of limitations for sex crimes. But the debate over the bill goes beyond its policies. 



Legislature Considers Domestic Violence Survivor Workplace Protections

A proposed bill that would provide discrimination protections for victims of domestic violence or sexual assault easily passed the House of Representatives.



Lawmakers clash over gun legislation amid another discussion on mass shootings

Washington State lawmakers introduced a multitude of bills early this 2018 session on issues of gun regulation to address the multiple incidences of gun violence in the nation. 


Washington becomes the fourth state to ban bump stocks 

Senate Bill 5922 passed both chambers in the Washington state Legislature by slim margins and largely along party lines.



Seattle Women's March 2.0 Photos 


Real Change News 


Fertile Ground: Sustainable practices in prison lead to sustainable futures

A vermiculture composting program at Monroe State Penitentiary is giving its participants a chance to learn a vocational skill they could realistically use upon release. 


The International Examiner


Amid Fears of nuclear war, a community still gathers for peace

From Hiroshima to Hope is an annual event at Greenlake in Seattle honoring the victims of the Nagasaki and Hiroshima bombings. 


Documenting activism in Vancouver's Chinatown

Filmmaker Eva Cohen takes her viewers on a journey to save Vancouver's historic Chinatown from gentrification. 


The News Tribune 


7-time Olympic medalist opens swim school for children in Gig Harbor

Olympic medalist Amanda Beard stood with her teddy bear on the stand in 1996. Now she's giving back to her community by teaching children how to swim. 


The Seattle Lesbian


Eastside Women’s Health Changes Name to Stand with Transgender Clients

While also expanding services, this health center seeks to start conversations about health with the transgender community. 


The Seattle Bike Blog 


Despite more than a decade of bicycle activism, Ballard Bridge remains a danger 

Featured on Kaplan Quarterly 

Cyclists have long complained about the Ballard bridge.

I investigated why it hasn't changed. 


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